delicious Coupons Privacy policy is drafted to provide the guest standard deals
and coupons while maintaining certitude in dealing with our partners and
clients. The policy is made to ensure the authenticity of information that is
provided by the website and also how the data we collect from the customers is
kept secure. We are liable to update our privacy policy as per requirements.

1-  Collection Of Information

The information
provided by the customer at the time of using our coupon codes, discounts, or
promotional codes or visit Delicious Coupons the company asks for some basic
information that is about first and last name, phone number, billing address,
payment details, email address or shipping address.


The information of customers can also be getting
from a third party or from some different sources that get service provision
from our side; these sources collect information and might provide us. The
information that we gathered helps in keeping records and sometimes in
communicating with the purchaser.

with the Buyer

The frequent use of the
website by the consumer means that Delicious Coupons keep all rights to get in
touch with the operator through messaging or e-mail. We also reserve all rights
to liaisewith the one who uses the services and products of the company.


The data gathered from
all the purchasers will be secured from all unauthorized access and
unauthorized users. All security measures and precautions will be taken from
the divulgence or demolition of data.

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